Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Heaven's Point Guard, The Kirk Gentrup Story

I received a copy of the book Heaven's Point Guard, The Kirk Gentrup Story yesterday and started reading it and finished it in one evening. It's not a terribly short book, almost 200 pages. That's not why I finished it so quickly. I just couldn't put it down. You see, I was fortunate enough to have known Kirk for a short while. This book, written by his father, tells a story of a boy in a small town, with big dreams, taken suddenly by God. It doesn't detail his death, though it does tell of it. His father spent more time in the book detailing Kirk's short life, his dreams and personality, then goes on to explain how his death impacted his family as well as the community. Kirk was 16 when he was taken. A bolt of lightening struck him while playing left field in a baseball tournament. Kirk is in Heaven and his father tells of how he knows that he is. Kirk was a talented basketball player, a popular kid, and was a faithful Christian. Parents should read this book and tweens and young adults as well. It is inspirational and shows that through all the pressures of this world, it is possible to remain strong in who you are and your faith in the Lord. Kids can benefit from seeing how Kirk lived and what he meant to those whose lives he touched.

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  1. Nicole, thanks for writing this post about Heaven's Point Guard. Cruiser and I appreciate it. Keep spreading the word about it. We want to get copies in the hands of as many people as we can. It's a special story that I am privileged to play a role in bringing to print. Sincerely, Shaun Kilgore