Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Back.....

Sorry for the delay since my last post, but the Holiday season is a busy time....I must say that we've seen blessings during this time of year.

I've had 2 of my children, the youngest 2, hit with strep. My 3-year-old complained that her neck hurt, not knowing what to call it. So sad. But, thankfully they were both better by the time Christmas day came.

Christmas day we went to spend the evening with my parents to eat dinner. I was not feeling all that well, but it's Christmas so there was no rescheduling. Once we arrived at my parent's house, we found my dad in intense pain having had chest pains for almost 24 hours. Already speaking of his coming death and reminding me to take care of my mother, my husband convinced him to go to the ER. He is a stubborn man, and I know where I get it. After 2 hours (they don't make you wait long when you have chest pains) and a few tests they told him that everything came back okay, just elevated blood pressure and that the only test left to schedule would be a stress test, but that would be a few days out. They sent him home with BP meds, but he will live for now. He already feels better. My husband lost his father on Christmas the year our youngest daughter was born on his birthday. Certainly God would not take both of our fathers the same way at the same time of the year. How would Christmas ever feel the same? Well, he didn't take my father but did make us realize how thankful we should be. And we are.

Well, my not feeling well has turned into strep. I spent the rest of Christmas in bed with full body aches and all day on the 26th in bed, too. I finally broke my fever about midnight and am going to the doctor to show her I have strep (which I already know) so she can prescribe meds. But, I am thankful that it is treatable and I am grateful for such a wonderful husband who saw to it that I could stay in bed with drinks, meds, and soup to help me.

I am back....not 100% today, but up and moving. And, I am thankful for all that He has given me. I hope your Christmas was blessed!

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